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 From a limited fleet of six drilling rigs in beginning of the 80' to one of the Middle East most trusted companies in the field of oil & gas wells drilling, NIDC has a good history of technical innovation and development. NIDC traces its roots to 1980, when it was established at the behest of Great Leader of Iran. Since its inception NIDC has always been the leading provider for both onshore and offshore drilling as well as related technical services and well control operations in the country. At present, NIDC has a workforce of 16,000 employees, working in 10 provinces.  Presenting all the required technical services and enjoying the benefits of its state of the art equipment and skilled man power and expertise gives NIDC a unique position among drilling contractors and made it a qualified candidate for International projects. With the right people, right strategy and the right policy, NIDC is moving to address the drilling industry’s comprehensive needs.

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NIDC Rig Count Increases
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NIDC Finalizes South Pars Project (Phases 9 & 10)
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NIDC to Expand Drilling Fleet
  National Iranian Drilling Company