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Title : NIDC Controls Blow out in Bibi Hakimeh Oil Field
Date : 10/28/2011
time : 12:33:10

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Iran-Ahwaz: Friday, Oct 28-2011 at 8:30 Iran local time (GMT+3:30)

National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) has quickly responded a blast in well.76 of Bibi Hakemeh oil field and extinguished the blaze in less than an hour. The blast occurred when during a type of directional drilling operation by rig.43 Fath, at a depth of 1,810 m a large layer of trapped gas unexpectedly flowed through the strings to the surface, causing the well to explode leaving one dead worker and three others injured.

The workers immediately closed the relief valves and pumped drilling fluids into the well to secure it completely.

The old Bibi Hakimeh oil field is based in Khuzestan province, 210 kilometers south east of Ahwaz with a daily production of 120,000 b/d.

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  Aboozar Bahmani, English News Editor

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